Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Hide And Seek

“So the boundaries are the river, on the field…” 
The teachers go on and on, 
trying to make sure the kids understand the rules.
 Everyone sits there bored out of their wits.
 I mean, we walked all this way,
 to have an epic game of hide and seek, 
not to listen to the rules all day. 
Trees wait silently for the game to start.
 I try and figure out where I should hide,
 that isn’t too obvious.
“Ok, now we can start”. 
Yes, finally!

“1, 2, 3”
 Leaves crunch beneath my feet as I sprint to find the ideal spot. 
“51, 52, 53” 
Oh no! The teacher is already halfway through counting,
 and I haven’t even found a hiding spot yet. 
I better follow someone or else i'll be running around,
like a headless chicken when the game starts. 
“71, 72, 73” 
Prickles scratch me as I sneak into the rose bush as silent 
as a mouse.
“91, 92, 93” 
Whispers flood my ears saying ‘come over here!’ 
I roll into that other spot, 
making no noise whatsoever. 
“98, 99, 100!” 
The stomping of footsteps and crunching of leaves 
mark the start of the game.

I lie down 
with a branch covering my face and  
roses covering my red shirt. 
Teachers call out the names of people in our area, 
we’re next, I know it. 
Don’t breath, 
don’t move, 
stay silent. 

Thursday, 22 September 2016


We read an article about a fleet of research waka which spent two years criss crossing the Pacific ocean, observing rubbish in the Pacific Ocean.   They noticed that if they found rubbish in the ocean, it usually meant they were getting close to land.  Because of this, we infer that most rubbish in the ocean comes from land. 

We wondered if the rubbish in our playground might have a similar trend.   We decided, before lunch on Wednesday last week, to go and find out. 

We split the school into 12 sections on a map.  Each section had a group of scientist (us!) to make observations and inferences.

We put a red dot on the map wherever we found a piece of rubbish and collected all the rubbish.
After lunch we went back, and noted with a blue dot, any new rubbish found in our area.  We also collected this rubbish.   This is our map, showing where we found rubbish, both times.


Our observations and inferences: 
These red dots on our map represent the rubbish before we went out to lunch. We found out that the red dot rubbish was around the same place near rubbish bins and around the fences. 
We think the reason this happens is when people tip the rubbish in uncarefully and it falls out the sides. We also think the wind blows the rubbish into the fences or the kids play around behind room 22.  

The rubbish is not spread out evenly on the map. This is because kids have particular places where they like to drop rubbish. Like under the buildings, behind the fence or anywhere that would be out of bounds or places people are unable to go to pick up the rubbish. Another common place to drop rubbish is places where there is already a lot of rubbish because it blends in.
Some areas like under the buildings and the in the fences 
have a lot of rubbish because percent people think that no one will go under the buildings any time soon so they put their rubbish under there.
The most found type of rubbish we found was chip packets and wrap. We found the chip packets and wrap near the fence behind rm 22.
We think this is because people are eating beside the buildings and they throw Their food and rubbish under there and rubbish on the ground be blown and get caught in the fences and get stuck by the leaves that are in the ditch.

There was a problem with our data as there was some rubbish that we didn't pick up. Also there was unretrievable rubbish and the map wasn't exactly to scale.
The wind blows most pieces of rubbish away somewhere else in the school For an example if most of the rubbish was in the middle of the court and the wind was blowing, it will go to the side of a building or a fence.

What have you learnt about rubbish in your playground?
I have learnt that there is barely any rubbish on the playground before lunch and after lunch. I think that because people are not allowed to eat on the playground. But there is the odd piece of rubbish.

We also classified the types of rubbish that we found, which can be seen on this graph:


After we made these observations and inferences, we were left with questions as to why people in our school failed to put their rubbish in the bins! Why does so much end up back around the school after one break time? Maybe it is falling out of people's pockets? Perhaps it's the winds fault? Or maybe the students of Waimairi school are dropping it on purpose?

Since then, we have recorded how rubbish was dropped at morning tea and lunch. Basically, we spied on the school! We, as scientists, have completed an investigation into why rubbish is ending up on the ground. On Thursday the 18th of August, we went out at morning tea and lunchtime to make observations of you all, collecting data to find out how rubbish gets on the ground.

We split up into 12 groups. At morning tea we spread ourselves around the whole school to observe. At lunchtime we spread the 12 groups around the lunch eating areas and observed what happened to the rubbish. 
We have made inferences from our observations and here is what we found:


At morning tea time, Waimairi school dropped 205 pieces of rubbish. That's 2 out of 5 people on average who dropped rubbish. 110 pieces of rubbish were dropped on purpose, which is more than half of the rubbish we observed being dropped. We also saw 46 pieces of rubbish dropped without the person realising that they had dropped it, often as they were walking.We also saw rubbish being dropped from pockets.

The places we found that rubbish had been dropped the most, were the Te Puna block, the walkway down to Ara Atu and the playground behind room 13. We think this might be because people playing in these areas may not understand why it is important to put rubbish in the bin. We also inferred that since there's big bushes at Ara Atu, people think they can hide their rubbish there.

Also, there is no rubbish bin in sight of the playground in these areas, so people lazily drop it instead. We think that most people do this because they think that they can hide it, or can get away with dropping it, even when they know it is wrong. And they do get away with it! Why don't people take a little walk over to the bin to put their rubbish where it belongs? 



At lunchtime, 219 pieces of rubbish were dropped throughout the school JUST during lunch eating time. That's 2 out of every 5 people in the school on average. that is a large amount of people to be dropping rubbish.
From what we saw, 79 pieces of rubbish were dropped on purpose, and 44 were left where people were eating. 

Just like at morning tea time, we think that around the school most of the people drop the rubbish because there's not enough rubbish bins around. Although there are already some bins, there only a few, and sometimes not in the best places. 
We also think that some children might not be able to reach the bins because we observed the bins are quite a bit taller than some junior children. Younger students also may not understand why it is bad to leave rubbish on the ground.

We could maybe get more and smaller bins to show others that bins are valued around the school but we think most of the kids already know about why we shouldn't  drop rubbish - because it will cause lots of problems for the animals in our environment and make our school look messy.

We spotted some differences between Morning Tea and Lunchtime. At lunch-eating time, more pieces of rubbish were dropped than the whole of morning tea time, even though morning tea is longer than lunch eating time. We think that more rubbish was dropped at lunch because more food is eaten at lunchtime and there would be a bigger chance of rubbish flying out of their lunchboxes. Lunch food is also more likely to have wrappers. However we also inferred that people might deliberately litter so that they don’t get in trouble for walking to the bin - as we are not allowed to stand up during lunch eating time.

Under the classroom is also a common place to put rubbish. But the reason  that people drop rubbish there is because they think no one will notice. But we did! But if you think that you get away with it, then you are wrong because we see rubbish everywhere, even in sneaky places where people will think you can't see it.

Overall, 424 pieces of rubbish were dropped in the 45 minutes we were observing that day. That’s almost one piece of rubbish per person. If nobody ever picks this rubbish up, then by the end of the week there would be 2120 pieces of rubbish floating around the school.  Many people dropped their rubbish on purpose, but also accidentally, leaving it where they ate or hiding it.

We think if we all work together our school can be cleaner by just simply walking  to the bin, because just doing a simple thing like that will help to make a big difference. But we also think that during lunch eating time we should be allowed to stand up to walk to the bin to put our rubbish in it. We will be discussing this with the teachers. This means people will be less likely to throw it in the bushes, under the buildings, leave it where they were eating or just throw it on the ground.

We also plan to write to the board of trustees to see if we can have more bins built permanently into the areas that we’ve observed to gather the most rubbish. We also need bins that are the right size for younger kids as well.

So what is the most important thing for you to remember from today? Do not drop rubbish on purpose. It’s pretty simple.  Please walk the few metres to the bins, otherwise we will all be swimming in a pool of rubbish.

Monday, 19 September 2016

My Speech: Our Unsocial World

Reflection: Lately our class have been working on writing speeches. My speech was about our antisocial world. We learnt about the impact that the structure and content has on our speech. Also we learnt about using particular language devices to persuade and connect with the audience. I think I did well because the structure and content of my speech is relational because my speech was well organised showing connections and flow between all important parts of my speech structure. Also I think the language devices of my speech is relational because I used a few language devices to persuade and connect with my audience for example I used a rhetorical question when I said ‘Have you ever noticed how boring and unsocial the world has become?’. I think the presentation of my speech didn't go so well at the finals because when I got up on stage I got stage fright and I got really shy, but my presentational my speech went well every other time. Click HERE to listen to my speech.

Speech: Have you ever noticed how boring and unsocial the world has become? It's like nobody cares about anything and they’re just there! Like that time when you want to be social but someone is like ‘lemme take a selfie’ or perhaps that time when you were talking to someone who was just ‘being social’ on their phone, like seriously, how can you be social when you can't even see someone face to face. Or even worse, when you go to a friends house and all you do is play minecraft on the iPad. Think back to that time when you were at your friend's house for a sleepover and you don't fall asleep till like 12:00 because two have been on a device the whole time. Technology is taking over the world. Dun dun dun!

Don't get me wrong I don't want to push my opinion onto you, I don't want to get you worshiping me like I'm a god just because I ‘saved you’ from technology (even though I don't know anyone in the audience who would actually do that, you know what I'm saying?) But think about it, how many people did you see today on their phone or iPad. But I don't want you thinking that I am an angel child and I don't go on any technology at all. No! I wrote this whole speech on an iPad. My point isn’t to get you to get off technology completely, I just want to show you why it is important not to get addicted, a mistake that a lot of people make.

Ok so don't get me started on social media. Spending time with people or chatting with them is about the quality of the time you spend with them rather than the quantity. But social media is forcing us to think that you have to know where your best friend is and what they are doing at all times like you are the overprotective parent. Another thing about social media is that you might be on a really nice walk and in front of you is a beautiful view, or as the world today calls it today ‘tumblr’ view and then you decide to take your phone out of your pocket to take a photo to post to tumblr. You think that you are capturing the moment but actually you are ruining the moment because you aren't even enjoying the moment as it is. Social media has taken over the world so much that tumblr started off as an app, now it's an adjective used in everyday life. 

Ok so not to point the blame on anyone here but the start of the technology addiction for kids is because overprotective parents give their children phones so that they can contact each other at all times. But when you give someone a device what do you expect them to do with it when they have no boundaries? Would you expect them to leave it in a drawer and never use it? No! Of course not! The second you give us kids a device we will use it non stop and yes that did happen to me and I am not proud of it which is why telling you this, so you don't make the same mistake as I did.

Another way to make sure that kids go on technology non stop is to give kids iPads for schoolwork which a lot of schools do. The school that you are at right now gives kids iPads. The school I am going to next year, Cobham does it. My sister's high school does it. I understand it saves heaps of time, instead writing it out on paper and taking ages you just type it up. But my advice for school is to make it so that they leave their iPad at school at all times so that the kids don't sneakily go on it at home. Because it causes catastrophes for the future and they will look back on their life and say ‘I wish my school didn't give me an iPad in the first place’. 

Imagine you are talking to someone, having a nice conversation and some random person that neither of you know shouts ‘SELFIE!!!’ and the person you are talking to runs toward the person who said the one word selfie. I mean the number of times this has happened to me is endless. I have been in every position in this situation. I have been person shouting selfie, the person who ran to the selfie and last but not least the poor old kid who's friend left them because of a self absorbed photo with someone they don't even know.

So next time who are about to take a selfie think about all the conversations that you are ruining. Next time you feel like watching YouTube or playing Pokemon go think of all the time you are wasting. Next time you think about going on technology think of what I have shared with you today. Do you feel like becoming an antisocial person that no one wants to be friends with or a friendly happy, fun person? The choice is yours.

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Imagine this: You shuffle into the school cafeteria alone. A bunch of popular teenagers gossip about people. They spot you and point. Oh no, I better look down. You can pick up what they’re saying. 
“OMG she's the ugliest person ever”, 
“poor fashion sense” 
“She's from Africa, no one would want to be her friend”. 
You hug your lunch box, trying to hide behind it. You take a sip from your milkshake. 
“Hey, come sit with us!” shout the ‘uncool’ teens. 
“Hi, you’re the new kid from Africa, aren't you?” Says the mysterious teen. 
“Yeah”  You mumble. 
“ Well, hi” she says.
 “Hi” you reply uneasily. 
“I'm Janice”. Yay! My first friend! 
“I'm Cady” you say confidently. 
“You know that we only asked you to sit next to us because the principal told us to and you're from Africa so we knew you'd have no friends” Oh, I don't even fit in with the uncool kids. “But if you can prove to us that you won't sit next to the plastics then you can be our friend but only if you change your fashion sense, or else we'll look weirder and we already are considered the weird kids” Ok I'll do what they say at least I'll have friends. 
“Oh, and only while have no real friends” Janice sniggers.
*comment if you noticed the movie reference and which movie 😝

Prejudice is when you judge someone through racism, sexism or another way, before you know them. Like if you were just walking around one day and then everyone at school’s sniggering at you. You look down wondering is it the way I dress?, is it something I did? 

I believe as a New Zealand citizen that our country has a serious problem. We are judgement central.We're not the worst, but still we are pretty bad. There was a survey taken a few years ago and it shows that 1 in 10 people over 16 years old that live in New Zealand feel discriminated against, and 55% of those people feel racially discriminated against. Shocking fact: A man with the skin that majority of the country has with a criminal record is more likely to get a job than a man with the skin that the minority of the country has with a clean record.

Not all people in New Zealand feel welcome but there are many ways that can.
1: When you meet the person: Say hello, smile and be friendly because this makes people feel welcome. 
2: See if they would be a good friend: Include them and not treat them differently because why would someone want to be left out just because they are from another race or something stupid like that.
3. Actually become friends with them: Play with them always (well, when they want to), chat to them lots or invite them to stuff with your friends because you need to know about them and if they get along with your friends.

Sadly, there are also ways to make people feel unwelcome. Actually 2 types of ways, behind their back or right in front of them. Behind their back could be whispering, staring and pointing. Right in front of them is pretty obvious, laughing and teasing. I think it is more likely for people to do things behind people's backs and then act nice in front of them and thinking that that is okay but it's just as bad as the other. I find that  the internet is the biggest source of racism, sexism or similar for kids. There are a lot of racist or sexist memes on the internet that can influence kids to join in with the ‘trend’. For example, the meme where it's like parents with a particular type of skin colour are letting them do anything they want and the parents with the other skin colour are really strict. I think that it is important that we let people do whatever they want when they are adults no matter their race, gender or anything. For example there are a bunch of people becoming famous who are of a different race than most famous people,like my two favourite youtubers, Lizzza (2 million subscribers) and iisuperwomanii (9 million subscribers). They both get very racist comments on their videos because they are from India. There are heaps of other people on social media that get prejudice comments too. 

 But everyone experiences prejudice things against them. I think it is important to protest about not bullying people or saying your prejudice thoughts  out loud. I know what it's like to be prejudged because it happens to me a lot for my height (Sorry I meant lack of height), my gender (female if you were wondering), the way I act, people they know from my family, the way I used to be, the list goes on and on. This is one of the many reasons I love writing, so I can let all my thoughts out. Often people say to me “Are you autistic or special needs?” just because they have prejudged me, based on the fact that my sister has a learning disability. I feel stink, actually worse than stink. I feel like a nobody in this world, with no feelings. Then I have to wonder what my sister feels (because nearly everyone says she has autism). If small, nasty comments like these keep going on, then this can cause for you to block away connections from people. If this goes on for forever and gets bigger and bigger it can cause depression, anxiety or even suicide.

I think that to make people feel more welcome we should smile, make a conversation and just be generally kind, because why sit back and watch when you can stand up and help? You might not know this, but when you are new in a class or somewhere else, you would want other people to be kind and make a conversation with you, rather than you have to, because it is natural to feel shy on your first day or week (unless someone else makes an effort). If we all do this, it will eventually spread and people will want to do it too. 

Prejudice is not a good habit, a habit that we need to change. Different people have different experiences on moving to Christchurch. Most have a good experience but others don't. The thing is that the people who get prejudiced against are often from another country. Asians because there is always the stereotype that Asians work too hard and don't focus on being social. Iranians because of religion and some people think that they are all crazy killing people. But the thing with stereotypes is that they are based off famous people or stuff in the media. For Asians, it's all the products that come out of the country. For Iranians it's Isis. What I'm trying to say here is that you should get to know someone before you judge them based on ideas that have nothing to with them.
“Some people think that the world in the future will be full of hate and others think it will be filled with harmony”- Quote by my friend Luke. What this means is that we can fill the future with harmony if we get rid of stereotypes because most wars or fighting are over stereotypes or religion.

By Sophie

Friday, 20 May 2016

Photo of the week. Theme: Friends!

Hi guys! I just randomly decided to do a photo(s) of the week each week and each week there would be a new theme. This week it's friends. So enjoyπŸ˜‡πŸ€—πŸ˜˜
Doz photos of da week:
My friend Mason and I. His blog:

My friends Mason (, Casper ( and Calum (
My friend Gabby ( and I about to play our ukes
By Soph😝

The Haunted House

The Haunted House
By Sophie

Hi I’m Sophie and I’m here to tell the story of how I nearly died. I mean that's what my blog is about, right? Wrong. I actually never write about this kind of thing because I don't want to make anyone scared but this one isn't that bad. Stick around if you like hearing about haunted houses and scary things like that. 

What would you do if your best friend or a family member of yours died? Or if there was a special day but something terrible happens? What if it was you that died? What if you are a ghost and everyone else who you know is too? Maybe you live in ghost world and everyone is too scared to move there! ‘Cause for all you know you could be dead, like maybe I am! Or we could only have three lives! Or maybe I’m just scaring myself.
“Go to bed Sophie” Mum says, interrupting my thoughts.
“Okay okay mum” 
And like every other night, I start telling myself the story again...

“C’mon Sophie, let's go, it's for your own good”. Oh god this is the third time Alisha has interrupted me for no reason today at the wedding. 
“Can't I just finish this dance with Natalie, please” I ask beggingly (‘cause who wouldn't want to finish dancing to ‘Wake me up before you go go’ especially when they are with their 18 year old cousin?) 
“No, this is urgent”. Gosh, she is only twelve and already so controlling but I could be missing out on something awesome so I go anyway 
“Okay okay”  As I hurriedly follow Alisha.

I glare down at the steep, sloped driveway, my face chalky white as I tingle with fear.
“Do I have to walk down there, I mean there are corners all over the place, something could pop out of anywhere!” Petrified enough as I am Alisha answers calmly…
“Yes, we’ll do it together”
Here we go…
I shuffle forward clinging to the webby bush. 
“What if the illuminati is down there” Alisha blurts out randomly.
“Alisha the Illuminati isn’t in New Zealand” Alisha’s friend, Astrid points out.
Secretly I’m just shivering with fear, I want to go home than die.

I turn the corner. There's a shadow. My legs are paralysed, I’m going to die. Alisha, Rowan, Grace and Astrid scream and run back. That's what I want to do. But no. There's an extra piece of cake waiting for me if I get down there. Only a few more steps…

I shuffle across the bridge, under the rope, down the driveway, knock knock knock knock knock… A sing songy voice suddenly calls out “I can see you”. Aghhh! My body curls up, I am going to die. I speed back to the top, as fast as I can petrified as ever. 

Okay, so I’m up to the top, scared out of my wits… and up here my cousins are having a good old laugh.
“What are you giggling about, someone down there is coming up to kill us!”
“Oh that was just Rowan trying to scare you” and now I mean who wouldn’t join in laughing right now?

My Reflection:
While I was writing this I learnt to keep my whole story in the same tense instead of switching between different tenses and to use connectives between my ideas instead of saying something in one room and then next paragraph saying something in a whole different place. I think that I went well because I have a feeling that I have achieved my goal of appealing to the emotion of scared using strong vocabulary like when I said  "My legs are paralysed, I am going to die". Another goal that I had while writing this was to  have a peice of writing that my readers will enjoy reading and I think I did that by appealing to an emotion (for once). My next steps are to use a wider vocabulary to describe the emotion.
😝 See ya,
By Soph 

Thursday, 14 April 2016

My Visual Mihi

My reflection:
This term I have been learning about the elements of music. I found out that I can communicate to anyone from any culture because music is a universal language. By that I mean that if you speak English and someone else speaks eg. Japanese you can dance and wave and smile because there is music playing. To show my learning about music this term I made a soundscape based on my story about nan. I wrote about my nan because she is very special to me and she makes me very happy, so I decided I would make a story to make her happy too. I used the light tambourine to represent that her eyes sparkle. I used the keyboard to represent her joyfulness. I used the guitar to represent her calmness. I think my soundscape is relational because I have used instruments that connect to my story and I am able to explain how.

My visual mihi:
My Soundscape:

My story:
"Come get a hug Sophie, I missed you so much!” Her turquoise eyes sparkle in my heart, sending messages of love as she engulfs me in a big crusher-cuddle so tight I can hardly breath. The scruffy white hair on her head brushes against my clothes, as the snuggle gets tighter.  Her necklace lies under her checkered long sleeved top. Rose perfume drifts up my nose.  A ginormous smile that only she can make brightens up the darkest day. The caring and soft voice that she owns shows she still has a young spirit in her.

“Bye Sophie, I'm gonna go on a walk now,” Mum says calmly, leaving me excited and curious with Nan. The curiousness runs up my spine, as everyone says ‘Your Nan is unpredictable’. 
She always has something new to talk about. “Sophie, could you please pass me the blue photo album my dear?” Her sweet, crinkly voice calms my excitement but the curiosity still stays, waiting. I pass her the photo album and she flicks through the ‘seemingly new’ pages. “Ah, here we are.” She stops turning the pages once she reaches a photo that has mum with a weird hat on her head.
“That was when she graduated from university,” says Nan, softly.
“How old was she when that happened?” I ask.
“Around 23 or 24, wait there a sec I’m gonna go get something.” Nan comes back with a fancy-schmancy photo frame and slides the photo into it. Nan turns the page to a photo of a dimly lit room with about 20 fancy dressed people including mum who was wearing the most beautiful lace velvet dress. 
“That was at your mum’s high school prom,” Nan says proudly.
“Do you still have that dress?” I ask.
“Funnily enough, I do! Could you please go into the spare room and look through the closet my dear?” I search and search until I come back with the most beautiful dress ever.
“Can I try it on?” I ask excitedly.
“Of course dear.”
After I try it on we lay it on the couch and look through some more photo albums.
“Haha you had to get that out didn't you, Mum,” Mum says with a sigh as she comes back.
“You knew it was coming some day,” Nan says finishing the conversation.

Anyway, Nan isn't the typical type of grandparent, not the ‘cake-baker, cookie-cutter, baking-maniac’ type, but more the ‘everything-you-need-is-ready-made-in-the-supermarket’ type. I guess no-one in our family ever liked baking. The main thing that all of my family look forward to when we go to Nan’s house is the tim tams… Yummy! When my cousin was 6 years old he wrote a story about Nan and mentioned the cookies that always sit in the cupboard. Actually, I’m gonna stop talking about that because I am getting really hungry.

When you see Nan she is always knitting. Like that time when she made this HUGE teddy bear for my baby cousin, Kaea. She also used to be really into gardening, especially planting lemon trees. 

I can't even explain my love for Nan. It is beyond our galaxy. Her bright self gives me love and happiness and gives that to everyone else as well. She is the flowers to my vase, the fish to my chips, the birthday to my cake and most of all, the to my love you.